Must be doing something right…

quite simply this is about glorifying abuse … it is not D/s but flat out abuse . I purchased after reading the blurb about the author and thought , why not? but could not make it past the first couple of chapters as it was too disturbing.

–one star review from Amazon for The Breeding 2

I mean, really…it’s not BDSM 101. It’s fantasy. My twisted, fucked up fantasy. Oh well. Different strokes and what not. 😉

I think I just found the blurb for The Breeding 3


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When I'm not scribbling the twisted things that pop in my head, my nose is probably in a book. Unless my rear is in the air. Or my hands are tied behind my back...
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One Response to Must be doing something right…

  1. I swear, maybe it’s just me, but reading “reviews” like that usually make me want to buy the book for myself. Either what they hate is right up my alley, or I just have to find out for myself what all the fuss it about. Either way :::click:::

    One stars can be great advertising!

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