The Breeding 4, other projects, and a book trailer!

So I’m back from getting my geek on in San Diego and I’m ready to lock myself back in my dungeon to come up with more depraved scribblings. 😀

Here’s some news:

  • I’m outlining The Breeding 4…with school starting back up in August, I’m gonna try to put my head to the ground and get it out early August, and if that becomes to implausible, late August.  I’ve had a couple of people ask me how many installments I plan for the series, and I still haven’t decided. Maggie and ‘The Man’ still have me in their clutches. 😉
  • As far as other projects, I’m working on a serial killer/non consent story. True story: I heard Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” one too many times and this story was born. Guy falls for girl, girl dumps guy, guy loses his shit…breaks into her house…and tortures the ex and her date. Crazy, beautiful stuff. And I can’t wait to finally start on it! It’ll probably happen in Aug, when I’m done with The Breeding 4.
  • I’m still selling on Amazon, but I’ve got some hardcore haterade going on and as tough as I was a few posts back, it’s kinda starting to pierce the armor because the guy is making me out as some pro child molestation/corruption crazy. There’s another 1 star on Taken that’s for no other reason than the chick has some problem that it’s not Dickens-length long. No offense to those that like to read novel length erotica, but I’m always the girl that skips the romance and bs to the nitty gritty sex and action. These peeps have too much time on their hands…

*venting over*

In happier news, a fan emailed me this really awesome song that made her think of the breeding series and once I gave it a listen, I had to agree. Here’s the song she suggested and two other ones that rank pretty high for possible clips to use in a book trailer I’m working on for the series:



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When I'm not scribbling the twisted things that pop in my head, my nose is probably in a book. Unless my rear is in the air. Or my hands are tied behind my back...
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2 Responses to The Breeding 4, other projects, and a book trailer!

  1. Chris says:

    DO you live the life? Or is this all fantasy?

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