Updates and Crap

I thought I’d pop in for those that follow my highly sporadic posts and let you know what’s going on in the neck of my woods.

-Had family stuff happen so I’ve been working odds and ends and jobs that I won’t even repeat here. Everyday I’m hustlin, or something like that.

-Amazon does NOT like my stuff. Some Prude McPruderson declines to actually read the description and then they just make shit up like I’m a child pornographer. I’ve said it before, but just in case this your first time on my little corner of the internet, I have never, EVER done any child pornography. That’s just, bizarre, wrong, and illegal. I’m a kinky bitch, but that’s just gross. You will find lots of dubious consent, kidnap, hardcore BDSM, and other depraved stuff. Because I think dubious consent, kidnap, hardcore BDSM, and snuff erotica is hot. 

I may have to sanitize my releases for Amazon and put them in their unadulterated forms elsewhere. I’ll let you know.

-I think I’m done with The Breeding from Maggie’s POV…I had a reader awhile back ask me about more of her and The Man…but he has SO many breedees…and I’m working on Lia’s story and should have it out in 1-2 weeks. Lia’s the HBIC and her story is a lot more twisted than Mags…can’t wait to share!

-I have a lot of other projects planned along the lines of horror meets sex…I’ve been watching a lot of twisted horror flicks and I have ideas bouncing around, dying to be put to paper. I’ll keep you posted.


Other than that, glad to be back. Ish.


About ascarlettnighte

When I'm not scribbling the twisted things that pop in my head, my nose is probably in a book. Unless my rear is in the air. Or my hands are tied behind my back...
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2 Responses to Updates and Crap

  1. Notin says:

    Are you still writing? I REALLY want to see more breeding action and pregnant sex!

    • I’m definitely still writing…have a prequel to The Breeding coming out by early Sep (but hopefully sooner than that, depending on my work schedule) and I’ve been in a horror-y mood so working on a home invasion type thing as well. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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