The Breeding 3

Just wanted to let you guys know that final draft for The Breeding 3 is on its way to the editor and I anticipate releasing it on Friday! Woot woot.

More than anything, I just approved my latest cover and got the okay to share it:

I’m crushing on the red dress…I think it’s pretty fuckingtastic. Can’t wait to share the next installment!

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Must be doing something right…

quite simply this is about glorifying abuse … it is not D/s but flat out abuse . I purchased after reading the blurb about the author and thought , why not? but could not make it past the first couple of chapters as it was too disturbing.

–one star review from Amazon for The Breeding 2

I mean, really…it’s not BDSM 101. It’s fantasy. My twisted, fucked up fantasy. Oh well. Different strokes and what not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think I just found the blurb forย The Breeding 3

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New digs

Because of the runaway success of my breeding series and a couple of readers connecting with me via email, I’ve decided to open up a bloggy-blog. I have a definitely NSFW picture blog over at tumblr, but it’s very, very NSFW.

This way, I can sporadically post and keep fans and readers abreast of my new releases in a way that’s (hopefully) engaging without getting them dinged or aroused at their place of employment. ๐Ÿ™‚


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